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This guy, Rohan Anderson, reminds me of Svend, our old neighbor on the island Moen. Svend was master of smoked sausages and fish, had thick spectacle frames, a shirt similar to Rohans and the same stature. On the whole, was Svend and his wife Birgit the most warm-hearted and hospitable neighbors you could imagine – and a great example of how to even provide a family with plenty of tasty food prepared at home with time and love.

Svend and Birgit cultivated their pantry. They had vegetable garden, sheep, chickens and a large smokehouse behind wages. In the kitchen was a wood-fired stove with rings and three-door baking oven and herb vinegar, snaps, salami, smoked fish, pies, plenty of home made mayonnaise and jams stood in a row in the cool dark utility room, just after the hallway just before the barn. In their home, there was always something that was fermented, smoked, salted, baked, pickled, brewed – which smelled differently in each room and there was always some dish in progress on the kitchen table – if you dropped by, you were always welcomed at the table.

I am convinced that the neighboring home has been crucial to my skills and knowledge of food and culture. Here I have spent many many hours in the garden and in the kitchen – every day after school. It was not in all the tasks, but right next to – see, smell and taste. All the salty, smoked, fermented, dishes and tangy scent – the scent of soil and cool pantry and the smell of burnt wood and fat and vinegar – it’s all the hallmarks of a natural link between the garden, cooking and home.

It makes good sense of we must have these scents in our lives, learning processes to know and thus know when something is good or bad. How it should smell and the nuances of the different stages of a fermentation can have.

Freedom. Being able to ferment dough for bread that fill the home with the aroma of home baking and vinegars, harvesting vegetables from our soil. The growing food itself, the very core of my desire for freedom.

Dropping the almost infantile dependence it is that others (industry) have the responsibility to cook my food. Right there, I am liberal. To avoid having to put my money into a market, as we all know, produces food to make money, not to give us a nourishing, healthy and proper meal. It is no wonder, the food industry has its limitations. It does not meet my needs and other family needs to get honest and decent food on the table. Basically, I think that food is grown and are best made at home – and that we as a society would save a lot of money in the health sector , if we chose to promote it.

On the other side of the Earth, just outside Melbourne, cultivates Rohan her again, his larder, with great love; Whole Larder Love. His mission is to show how to grow your own food and live free and healthy. With his wife Kate Berry, and their four children, he moved from a life of fast food and takeaway which the excess time in a hectic life allows for a life as a self-sufficient vegetable farmer, hunter and author of Grow Gather Hunt Cook ‘. It is liberating, honest and simple! Read about them here Whole Larder Love.